Friday, April 15, 2011

Moron Joe, The Gift That Keeps On Giving ...

“Yew Noe It Was A Stew-pid Poe-litical Mew-ve” … What kind of clownish accent is that? Sounds like the New York City “upscale” affectation of a Southern hick from Joe-gia, ‘Bama, and Florida trying to fit in with the big city sophisticates. Mika doesn’t have to affect some faux-nee accent … I suppose when you’re Moron Joe you must embellish your speech to stay in league with her natural class.

It seems Moron Joe didn’t want to touch the content of President Obama's speech, which was at its root an eloquent defense of our nation’s values (he knew he would get CREEm-m’d by us leftwing bloggers, and Mika too) so he whined that the President “tactically” did not make a “smart political move” by inviting Ryan just so he could “insult him.”


Let me explain one of the tenets of the wingnut “libertarian” Decoder Book. First, they whine a lot. When they attack the so-called liberal “elites” (like Mika, for instance, whose father is a distinguished Democrat) it’s because they really want to break into the club and be accepted. Status is a big thing for wingnut libertarians like Moron Joe. He’s very transparent in his sensitivity to perceived slights from liberals and must have been greatly distressed to see his Objectivist buddy Paul ‘Eddie Munster’ Ryan, sitting there, looking like a little kid who lost his lollipop and was about to cry as the President demolished his plan. Imagine how distressing it must have been for Moron Joe to be thinking, “Hold on, Paulie, dewn’t make a scene now … Wait until you get back to the office, then you can have a goo-ewd cry with Speaker Boehner behind closed doors. Dewn’t embarrass us, now.”

The second thing about these Ayn Rand freaks and their derivatives is they’re sort of a closed community, i.e., a cult. And they’re über-egotistical. (For a good freak show laugh, watch a convention of Objectivists next time it’s on C-Span.) So naturally, when the President clobbered Paulie’s treasured “cause-not-a-budget” plan, Moron Joe immediately assumed it was personal. But it wasn’t, of course. The President didn’t criticize Ryan for being the ridiculous self-styled Randian character he fantasizes himself to be. He went after Ryan’s plan! And so, when the President made a major policy speech, only immature and insecure wingnuts would see it as a slight if they’re invited to attend by the White House.

In the real world where Mika and the rest of us live, as opposed to the one inhabited by Dean Chris Matthews’s colleagues in the Idiot Punditocracy, Mark Halperin and Moron Joe, a White House invitation would be considered a great honor. Understandably perhaps, the wingnuts have cause to see everything outside the Wingnut Hive that concerns them as a conspiratorial slight of some kind. I mean, they are pathetic D’Ohlts, right? But in this case, the President most likely didn’t waste his time thinking about a Machiavellian way to “insult” Paul Ryan. To the contrary, not inviting Ryan would be the greater insult in the President’s mind, as well as the topic of endless spin by the likes of Moron Joe & Co., who would then say the President was afraid to confront his adversary so he "insulted" Ryan by not extending him the courtesy of an invitation, was afraid to look him in the eye, etc. etc. (See Mika — 'I'm with stupid' — slap down Moron Joe on this point.)

Besides, the President might have thought, “Hey I keep inviting these guys (the Republican leadership) to the White House for some serious talks over dinner and they keep declining to play golf or attend fundraisers instead, or they’re ‘too busy’ or whatever, so ... they probably won’t come anyway.” (Hmm … Did Moron Joe agree with those who criticized the Republican leadership for declining a White House invitation as an insult not only to the sitting President but to the Office of the President itself?)

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