Thursday, February 03, 2011

Would You Take Foreign Policy Advice From This Creature?

I didn't think so. With his ratings plummeting, much to the credit of the American people, Glenn Beck may have finally flipped his lid. First he gets kicked off the air in New York City (thanks to liberal Renaissance man elevating the radio listener's IQ, Thom Hartmann) followed by the Philly market. Knowing a little of how Beck's fecal brain works (we own it!), losing Chris Matthews' backyard, Philadelphia, must have really scrambled Beck's brain waves. Be on the lookout for more disturbances emanating from his Fox's Lair bunker. He launched into a rant defending the honor of fellow lunatic Michele Bachmann, called a "balloon head" by Chris Matthews. Beck's comic book paranoid view of history allows for no nuance and context or, heaven forbid, complexity. Joan Walsh has a habit of being prescient and ahead of her time. She predicts Beck may have finally lost his mind. His latest self-promoting rant involves a plot by liberals and the Left to install a Caliphate in Europe that will spread its tentacles to America, and ... the world!

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