Friday, February 04, 2011


Can John Boehner keep a lid on his alleged affairs with two women, a Washington lobbyist and a Congressman's press secretary? Will Boehner be able to stay in office as Speaker of House (scary, considering he's third in line of presidential succession)? Will Boehner hold a tearful deluge presser with his wife of 37 years at his side (or will she elect to stay in Ohio) as RepubliCON lackeys look on stiffly, except Eric Cantor, who just can't seem to wipe that silly grin off his face? Should we take the 'BAY-' out of pronouncing 'BOehner'?


The National Enquirer ran with this story which should largely be credited to Mike Stark's reporting. See Sam Seder video interview below, and more here on the StarkReports.

Interesting curiosity/happy coincidence: Ever noticed how similar our favorite wingnut rag's logo is to the National Enquirer's? Right down to the color scheme/typeface, except the Enquirer's is in italics. Well, with stories like this and this and this — the author should know where the despicable misogyny comes from; it's all around her, at the click of a DC site link, like one featuring scantily clad women. She writes "The plot line is always the same: create a caricature of the woman and destroy her public image." Really? Bachmann and Palin are doing a pretty good job all by their little selves; calling them idiots and history manglers is just stating the obvious. This is one more example of false equivalence from the Right. Hillary Clinton is brilliant. (Has anyone questioned her intelligence lately?) Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are idiots. Those are the facts, madame. It's a matter of record.  Hmm ... It wouldn't surprise if it turns out the National Enquirer and the Daily Caller are sister publications.


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