Monday, January 31, 2011

The Truth About JOBS And Paul Ryan's Randian HYPOCRISY

HYPOCRITE is just another word for REPUBLICAN. Libertarian too, in Paul Ryan's case. Let's connect the dots, shall we, people? This is for anyone out there who DARES call themselves "Independent" and favors a woman's choice in the abortion wars, or retaining our tattered but still strong Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid safety net, YET voted for the current crop of Republican extremists (at this point it's irrelevant what we call them — fascists, NAZIS, hard right, far right — whatever rocks your boat, they're ALL IN THERE) for governor and Congress.

Don't profess shock or panic about your relatives' benefits because Republican extremist Paul Ryan is wielding a machete against them. Weren't you the same imbeciles who believed in "Death Panels" or "government takeover"? And if you're Ohio "Independents" hoping for that high-speed rail "stimulus-that-didn't-work" funding to bring jobs to your state, fugheaboutit. Your Republican Governor Kasich axed it, his poll numbers plummeted, and faster than a New York minute California Senator Boxer requested those monies for HER STATE and got them redirected. From Wisconsin too, where the Teabaggers are killing good-paying  private sector jobs faster than a high-speed bullet train.

Job-killers these Republicans are. We have voluminous historical stats to prove it. They have a huge propaganda machine and a cadre of Right wing economists to tick off all the extenuating circumstances why we shouldn't believe the evidence before our eyes, because they're economists and we're not, even though the evidence that Republicans KILL jobs and Democrats CREATE jobs keeps repeating itself over and over and over again throughout history. Just imagine what the Republican propaganda machine could do with the genuine positive figures produced by Democratic administrations, even the current one. The mind boggles!

Paul Ryan, Tea Party Vampire: 'Don't Do As I Do Or Say But Read Rand ... Oh, Nevermind.
 Which brings us around to Ayn Rand fanatic, Tea Party VAMPIRE Paul Ryan and his slash-and-tear machete lifted against the New Deal. It turns out Wisconsin's reputation as a liberal bastion, a repository of progressive ideas and independent-minded progressive leaders is much exaggerated. Who woulda thunk it with all those "cheeseheads" descending on Dallas, Texas for the Super Bowl? So is it any wonder that Rep. Ryan (surprise, surprise!) is a HYPOCRITE of the highest order?

And AGAIN, to Paul Ryan's canard, that nothing has done more to "help" poor people than the U.S. free enterprise system, historically Democratic administrations have vastly outperformed so-called "free enterprise" Republican administrations not only in job creation but in REDUCING levels of poverty:
Examining the Census data, what I found was this: during the 20 years of Republican administrations, each year on average the number of Americans living below the poverty line rose by 416,400, while during the 20 years of Democratic administrations, each year on average this number fell by 829,900.
 It turns out this freeloading WINGNUT  used the Social Security "SAFETY HAMMOCK" that he so imperiously derided in his SOTU response — "[t]his is a future in which we will transform our social safety net into a hammock, which lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency"— YEAH, LIKE FOR EXAMPE, WOULD YOU BELIEVE ... PAUL FUCKING RYAN?!?

Why? Ryan must think he's EXEMPT from practicing what he preaches because he reads Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. I mean, just getting through that mind-numbing tome is like a year's worth of back-breaking manual labor. By the way, the latest shipment of this emergency fire kindling to Ryan's office for distribution to constituents and staff, or anyone else contemplating feeding off the hated government trough, has arrived. See below, OLD cover (left), NEW cover (right).

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Trippler said...

Can't expect any integrity from the Repukeblicans.

The facts are there: FDR progressivism works - Reaganomics fails. But the pukies do not have the integrity or character to admit it.