Saturday, February 05, 2011

Is Glenn Beck Getting His Fashion Statement Ideas From This Blog?

Two days after The Thinker caricatured Glenn Beck with a club and capelike caveman outfit he shows up in a weirdly similar attire on his show. The Huff Post reports:
"His Friday show opened on what might be one of his strangest stunts. Beck was wearing a cape — or cloak, or robe, depending on how you look at it — and holding a staff."

The Huff Post was baffled, but not us. Although we may appear to be a small, obscure blog, our influence reaches beyond our discreet numbers. Remember, as we have stated and previously demonstrated, we own Beck's brain. Whatever suggestion may have compelled Beck to take fashion tips from this blog, it was planted in his brain by us. Glenn, you are not a free agent; you are our vassal.

Give it up, Glenn, while there's still time. Your only path to salvation and mental health freedom is to seek professional help. And not from your faux "co-author" psychiatrist. But from a real, board-certified mental health professional. We can provide a list of excellent referrals. In fact, we're implanting them in your brain right now, at this very instant!

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