Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Idiot Punditocracy Watch: Chuck Todd's Fondest Hope

Heard on the Chuck & Savannah “Daily Rundown” show:

“The Chamber of  Commerce is an advocacy organization dedicated to the creation of jobs.”
– Kevin Madden, Republican operative.

Right. Um Kevin, you must mean outsourced USA jobs in China, India, Mexico, et al. The rejoinder from Chuck and useless idiot pundit DeeDee Myers was exactly: Zero, zippo, nada.

Let’s fill in the gaps, shall we: The Chamber is a partisan pro-Republican organization. (Check their director bios, match them up against the GOP, then run a percentage of their campaign spending on the Republican vs. Democratic parties: 20-1, 30-1, 50-1?) Chuck is too timorous to challenge the constant stream of bullshit coming from his Republican pals. But he gets real excited with electronic clipboard in hand, peddling his fondest hope of a GOP “WAVE” (Chuckie’s revealing all caps) with lots of poli-sci mumbo jumbo.

Dang! I knew there was a good reason I don’t watch Chuck and Savannah … don’t want to heave my breakfast. Or maybe it was Savannah saying something akin to “you complete me.”

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