Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Creepy, Crawly Wingnut Misogyny (Best Read On An Empty Stomach)

In case you're wondering where repulsive wingnut James O'Keefe learned his misogynistic chops, it didn't necessarily come from a CD in a plain brown paper wrapper. Here's O'Keefe's slimy mentor, Glenn Beck:

O'Keefe's self-serving defense to sexual harassment (or worse), in which he confuses principle for "principal", and consent for assault, actually expects us to believe he didn't really intend to "seduce" the CNN reporter as the document she obtained describes:
"I provided CNN with a clear statement that the document in question was objectionable. Still, they sent their “Special Investigations Unit” out in a failed attempt to discredit me. They do this not because they want to get to the truth, but because they are threatened by a bunch of independent journalists with video cameras uncovering the stories that they went to J-School to find."
C'mon boy, what’s to discredit? You’re already a joke, forever branded with “WC” which alternately stands for flush toilet, wingnut creep, or perhaps ... closet. What woman could possibly turn down such a strapping example of American manhood as this:

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