Monday, October 11, 2010

Glenn Beck And The Tea Party Armies of The Damned

When Teabaggers say they want to “start a revolution,” this is what they mean. Lately, Glenn Beck has been practicing behavior known in the psychiatric world as projection:
“In Freudian psychology, Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person unconsciously denies their own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world ….Thus, it involves imagining or projecting that others have those [attributes],” in Beck’s case, V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E.
Beck is most likely lashing out at the Left, specifically Media Matters, for calling him out on his wild conspiracies and outright lies. For example, Media Matters completely debunks Beck’s lies about Soros and the Obama administration purportedly making a loan to Petrobrás. Not true. But as can be seen with the reaction of disturbed Beck followers like Williams (see below), such outrageously irresponsible allegations have real-life consequences.

So, when Beck makes inflammatory statements about impending violence coming from the Left, he is projecting onto the Left his own daily dose of violence and hatred. The result of his sick mind’s daily projections to “hundreds of thousands” of indoctrinated, impressionable followers who hang on this charlatan’s every word, is this:

“Glenn Beck is going to deny everything about violent approach, deny everything about conspiracies, but he’ll give you every reason to believe it. He’s protecting himself, and you can’t blame him for that. So, but I understand what he’s doing. So now they’ve got Beck labeled as this guy that is trying to incite violence. And what I say is, if the truth incites violence, it means that we’ve been living too long in the lies … There’s hundreds of thousands of us yes. And more and more people are waking up.”
- Byron Williams
From the Huffington Post:
“The 45-year-old ex-felon opened fire on California Highway Patrol officers who had stopped him on an Oakland freeway for driving erratically. For 12 frantic minutes, Williams traded shots with the police, employing three firearms and a small arsenal of ammunition, including armor-piercing rounds fired from a .308-caliber rifle.

When the smoke cleared, Williams surrendered; the ballistic body armor he was wearing had saved his life. Miraculously, only two of the 10 CHP officers involved in the shootout were injured.

In an affidavit, an Oakland police investigator reported that during an interview at the hospital, Williams 'stated that his intention was to start a revolution by traveling to San Francisco and killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU.'”
Glenn Beck is setting himself up and his millions of followers to be smeared with the blood of innocents if a disturbed individual like Williams acts out Beck’s words. We can only hope the law will stop such individuals before something tragic happens. There are three words to describe what Beck does: Talk show terrorism.

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