Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Ultimate Fox "News" Scam

Fox “News” has long touted its Nielsen ratings dominance over the competition to reinforce and perpetuate the wingnut delusion that they live in a right wing nation, instead of Rupert Murdoch’s house of cards. Except for one small detail: Fox ratings are a fraud. Murdoch is in bed with Nielsen. What’s more -– this is for you Fox viewers and Beck followers out there, because it’s fun to make your heads explode with truth you can’t handle -- Murdoch is in bed with Communist China.

It’s all revealed in the “lost” Glenn Beck episode. Yes, boys and girls, there is such a thing and it’s a shocker. This is real-life “Conspiracy Theory,” like the Mel Gibson film in which he plays a Glenn Beck type spouting a steady stream of conspiracies who accidentally stumbles upon a real one. In this episode, Beck gets a tip from his pizza man, and makes a startling discovery about his boss, Rupert Murdoch:
“If you are not already rolled up in the fetal position under a table, I don’t know what to tell you. This is serious stuff, and it is one of the reasons I have never feared more for the future of my country. When the biggest media conglomerate in the world is in bed with the world’s biggest communist nation, how much longer can we expect to remain free? And remember, China has us by the short hairs due to all of the U.S. debt they hold.”
But the episode never aired. That’s right, Beckistas, Murdoch squashed it. Does that give your tiny little brains pause? It should. Never mind. Beck did a quick pivot and continued his daily litany of fearmongering and hate speech, this time directed at safer targets, President Obama and the Democrats, inciting the Teabaggers with racist hate speech and incendiary rhetoric. As a result, the threats of violence have grown exponentially and all’s well in the world of mindless fascist followers.

It may be rancid butter, but Beck knows who butters his side of the bread. He doesn’t care about politics, he told Forbes Magazine, it’s all “entertainment.” Glenn Beck is Rupert Murdoch’s high-priced $32 million communist WHORE. A willing communist tool who sold himself to the highest bidder –- ain’t capitalism great?

So this makes the Teabaggers . . . communist stooges. Sounds about right.

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