Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fox and the Politics of Racist Hatred for the Poor

This is for the Fox “News” brainwashed, who act on the conviction that the information they get from that hate-spewing, violence-inciting propaganda network offers even a kernel of what can be considered the truth. Sometimes, justice delayed is justice denied. California Attorney General Jerry Brown cleared ACORN of any wrongdoing, but not early enough to prevent the organization’s dissolution.

So despicable was the Hannity-Fox “News” caricature of an ACORN employee, a complete fabrication, that he was summarily fired. Where can he get his life and reputation back? Let’s ask Hannity whether he can fork out a little of the “charity” money he’s pocketing and spending on lavish hotel suites and private jets (boy, these wingnuts really love their high-life perks while most Americans struggle with their finances) to make this ACORN employee he trashed, whole.

Then again, justice might yet be had. The right wing punk who succeeded in closing down ACORN with his scurrilous smear, and has copped to a lesser plea for impersonating a phone company worker and entering Senator Mary Landrieu’s offices on false pretenses, has worn out his welcome and burned his bridges except among the fringe of the fringe. This punk and his accomplices are condemned to be toxic waste for life. And that may be enough. After their brief Pyrrhic victory, no one’s catching this garbage on the way down.

Please watch, from beginning to end:

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