Monday, April 05, 2010

Notes From the Fringe

Anatomy of a wingnut lie: what Teabaggers and Fox viewers take as news, i.e., garbage in, garbage out. “Guess what passed behind our backs?” trolls missing link militia member Tina Stone on her Facebook page (where else?), whipped into a lather over an internet smear that President Obama plans to resettle Hamas refugees in the U.S. It’s A LIE, twice-over. ‘Nuff said.

If not the Devil, blame the Hippies. In what amounts to an ironic twist on conservatives’ oft-stated but seldom followed “family values” and doctrine of personal responsibility (a euphemism for slashing entitlement programs) Ross Douhat blames the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal on the “permissiveness” of the 70s. Has he considered the fact that the repressive sexual culture of the 50s constrained victims from coming forward, and when they did, the reported abuse was ignored or hushed up? Or that, reaching adulthood in the 60s and 70s the victims finally gathered up the considerable courage to come forward? When circumstances turn inconvenient for conservatives, they are the first to cast off their not so deeply held value of personal responsibility.

More dysfunctional Palin family coverup. Thank some hardnosed digging by Alaskan blogs for this. The rumors of Willow Palin’s vandalism rampage in Wassila ring true, considering the reluctance of sources suddenly to come forward and tell the story they were eager to relate earlier. The Palins’ MO of strong-arming and intimidating witnesses to their potential criminal behavior is all over this one. Oh Sarah, we’ve got John Gotti Jr. on the line; he has a reality show “business”proposition for you. Something about the “Family.”

Wingnut Rx for healthcare reform: first medical test, political affiliation, while insurers tout ways to deny coverage for children with pre-existing conditions. Republican doctor straddles ethics, post sign --“IF YOU VOTED FOR OBAMA SEEK UROLOGICAL CARE ELSEWHERE” -- admits he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as insurance companies unleash an army of lawyers looking for loopholes to EVADE THE LAW and keep children with pre-existing conditions off the rolls. Still adjusting to the new reality, insurance companies backed down after lots of bad publicity and a letter from HHR Secretary Kathleen Sibelius threatened to impale them. But there still are rats lurking in the gutters of high profit margins, ready to use every care-denying loophole they can find. This is an environment ripe for whistleblowers and persons of conscience who would take down the predators.

Republican obstruction games devastate real people’s lives. Following mental Jim Bunning, senator from KY, who wrongly predicted Justice Ginsburg would be dead from cancer by now, Tom Coburn of AL takes his turn at bat blocking an extension of unemployment benefits. Because he doesn’t have anything better to do, like passing laws that help people. John Kyl continues the GOP game of chicken by speaking out of both sides of his mouth, pledging to block the President’s new SCOTUS nominee before it is even made. In the meantime, the unemployed are denied benefits and flood victims devastated by the record Northeast rainfall go without federal flood insurance. Here’s a new game: on a scale of 1 to 10, how repugnant can Republicans get? DING, DING, DING!

Creative ways a married couple find themselves in ‘Lost.’ Not having watched more than two or three episodes, I’m a dedicated agnostic on the subject. Am I missing something? Hmm . . . This article includes some useful links and ideas for ‘Lost’ fans to make a soft landing when the series ends May 23.


JimboW8 said...

Not having watched more than two or three episodes [of LOST], I’m a dedicated agnostic on the subject. Am I missing something? Hmm . . .

My favorite show .... EVER ....

... for what that is worth.

I highly recommend it, though you must watch it from the beginning.

Carlos said...

I've heard that a lot; guess I'll have to rent season 1, then 2 ... :)