Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ah, Those College Pranksters . . .

Well done, to a certain fraternity for its (magical) ability to point a frat house parking sign to a towaway zone. Whatever their motivation, kickbacks or critical thinking, the lads are well on their way to successful careers in the finer arts of politics. Now, if they can just lure the Karl Rove book tour with a faux Rovian-style mailer promising premium parking to any RNC staffer who can produce their “I {heart} Rove” sticker . . .

And Glenn, after you stop sobbing and comparing yourself to Rosa Parks, kindly fork up -

$6,600 in towing expenses + $25 in cab fees X 53 = $1,325 + $6,600, for a grand total of: $7,925.

It's the least you can do for your adoring fans. Then throw in 53 autographed copies of your worthless book, so they don't have to buy it and kick back pofits to the publisher and royalties to you.

How about that reimbursement, Glenn . . . Is it in the mail yet?

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