Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Makes America Any Better Than a Totalitarian State

. . . when this is allowed to happen:
AUSTIN, Texas — A far-right faction of the Texas State Board of Education succeeded Friday in injecting conservative ideals into social studies, history and economics lessons that will be taught to millions of students for the next decade.
These right wing bastards do not know the FIRST or LAST thing about their nation’s history, run their mouths about the “tyranny” of the state, and then use the FASCIST STATE OF TEXAS to ram this religious fundamentalist garbage masquerading as history and social studies down the throats of our kids, parents, and teachers for decades to come. And then we ask ourselves why OLDER generations of Americans are generally better educated than YOUNGER generations.

This should NOT EVER be about left or right, or any political agendas. It should be about HISTORY and FACTS and WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. What can be more utterly despicable and undemocratic than that a right wing dentist, who is not a teacher or historian or academic, and who was defeated for reelection because he is an ignorant extremist, should DECIDE a FANTASTICAL social studies CURRICULUM FILLED WITH LIES for the rest of the country.

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