Saturday, March 13, 2010

Exposing Teabagger Racism

Teabaggers are playing a shell game in their recruitment efforts by sidestepping social issues such as abortion and gay marriage because, as one Teabagger leader said, “focusing on economic issues lures Democrats.” First, it isn’t working. Second, it’s like being “a little pregnant” or Hitler trading his Nazi Party swastika for a coat and tie while embracing Hindenburg to appear mainstream to the German people. (Hitler made it happen.)

There’s no “Tea Party” here, as these low-information rank-and-file voters prefer to be called. They’re Teabaggers today, tomorrow, and forever. There’s nothing more vile, obscene, and pornographic than unvarnished racism. Whether it’s manifested by the corporate tools of Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks or xenophobic “Tea Party Patriots,” racism is on full display at Teabagger rallies and demonstrations. (And for those who say the RNC’s use of the Teabagger poster of President Obama isn’t racist, consider this: What would you call portraying our African American president with a painted WHITE face? If you can’t see the connection, then you need to revisit your own attitudes about race.)

This is the face of Teabagger racism, as documented by a Latino watchdog group, CuĂ©ntame, which literally means “Tell me.” Click at the top of video 2 to see part 3 and so on:

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