Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Very Definition of Clusterfuck

I have been reading with growing trepidation that a bailout plan is growing to pass congress. The plan is going to give around 700 billion taxpayer dollars (borrowed from friendly nations like China) to the very same crooks who scammed the system to the point of collapse in the first place. In return, we will get bad debt, grossly distressed real estate and A BUSINESS TAX CUT!!!! I am at a loss to understand why my congresscritter (Rahm Emanuel for those scoring at home) is behind this plan (he's already voted for it in the defeated house version). I'd love to find out, but his house web page is down - but then again so is EVERY SINGLE HOUSE WEB PAGE. If the government can't keep its sites up and running, how the hell are they going to combat a banking collapse?

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