Monday, September 29, 2008


1) I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I'd be a lot more likely to support the bailout if W would stop telling me how awesome it will be. That makes me very very nervous.

2) Fox was helping the McCain campaign pre-spin the veep debate by saying that the deck is stacked against Palin because they'll ask a majority of foreign policy questions, which everyone knows are Biden's forte, and she'll look bad, and everyone knows that most people only care about domestic matters anyway. Umm, what? She looked as stupid answering questions about domestic matters as foreign policy, and, frankly, isn't it a good thing that Biden knows stuff?


I'm Not Ned said...

The similarities between the Bush bailout speech and the Iraqi WMD speech scare me.

There's a lot going on here that isn't known to the public.

I'm guessing there's money to be made. (Big shock, no awe.)

As for Palin, she can't handle herself when talking to a cupcake hostess or buying a cheese steak. Why would she be any better under pressure?

From the other side of town said...

As Not Ned said, the impending sky is falling if we don't act scenario played out once before, and we got stuck holding the bag. This time around the question is a matter of urgency. If action needs to take place NOW then things are a lot worse than explained. If there's time, and for most people they believe that there is and should be, then let us at least look at the possible alternatives. Any alternatives.

As for Sarah, the right-wing punditry is already laying the groundwork by which they'll explain what she really meant, why she wasn't as bad as feared, and thus is the winner over Biden.