Thursday, October 02, 2008

That's debatable

The bar for Caribou Barbie tonight has been so ridiculously low that the media will be slobbering over her if she doesn't wet herself and fall off the stage.

Prepare for them to slobber. This is the PERFECT debate format for a high-functioning moron, 90-second "sound bites" with no interaction. She's capable of memorizing enough crap to coast.


drmagoo said...

I'm not sure what she'll do, but her answers to Couric make it clear that she is not capable of memorizing 45 minutes of crap. Her answers were those of a student grasping for answers and throwing down everything she could think of, hoping something would stick and be worth some credit.

I'm Not Ned said...

She's very good at the non-answer turned around as an attack on her opponents. With a few popular sound bites thrown in she may be a crowd pleaser without saying anything of substance.

And with the bar set so low she's bound to do "better than expected".

drmagoo said...

If she peed on herself, ran in circles, and yapped, all while wearing lipstick and a dog collar, she'd do better than expectations.

I'm Not Ned said...

Well she did better than I expected (I wasn't expecting her to pee on herself). She actually remembered most of her answers. Still nothing of substance unless you count the McCain distortion of facts.

Quote of the night, talking about Isreal:
"Secretary Rice, having recently met with um, leaders on one side or the other there..."