Monday, April 09, 2007

What the Imus flap is NOT about

You have probably heard about Don Imus and his idiotic "nappy-headed hos" comment about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Please remember that the one thing about this episode though. It does not involve "freedom of speech." The free speech we treasure refers to freedom from governmental suppression and prosecution. It does NOT involve a relationship with a private employer or access to a microphone.

Was it ignorant, racist and insulting? Of course. If I owned a radio/TV station, would I fire him? certainly. Should NBC fire him? I DON'T CARE. Why? I don't listen to him, and I don't invest in NBC's corporate family. It isn't my business. His employers will resolve it one way or the other, presumably based on rational business concerns. If he is dismissed, however, remember that no harm will have been done to "free speech."

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I'm Not Ned said...


The issue that strikes me as odd is the lack of outrage by women over the "Ho" comment. These are educated college women with incredible athletic talent. To demean them to the level of a whore is disgusting. Imus should crawl into a cave never to insult civilization with his presence again.

Sure it's an issue with his employer, but it's also our issue on whether we support his employer and their handling of this. Two weeks suspension is pretty weak. I won't support a corporation that supports him and his staff. His show has had numerous events of this nature. Pathetic that CBS and MSNBC have to stoop to this type of vile crap to keep ratings up.