Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Much ado about nothing

Well, the mass media has made a seamless transition from Anna Nicole to All Imus All Day, with a detour at American Idol and a kid with bad hair. A morning knucklehead racist says something characteristically stupid and America forgets all about that hell and handbasket thing. So the Justice department fired US Attorneys both to get rid of troublemakers now and install stooges for later, in key swing states for the 08 election. LARRY'S THE FATHER OF ANNA NICOLE'S BABY! The combat deployments of all army units in Iraq have been extended for three months. HE SAID HO! DID YOU HEAR THAT?

An entire nation is fascinated by small shiny objects.


I'm Not Ned said...


I honestly hope 51% of American think the way you do.

Really, I'm Not Ned.

(And you didn't even need to touch on the CRIMINAL aspects of using private email for Gov business just so it can't be tracked or archived.)

jimbow8 said...

I'm Not Ned.... I just sent this email to friends the other day. I think the email thing MAY be more important/criminal than the atty firings .... ???

My email:
The other one that is bugging me is the fact that they were using NON-White House email, though I have seen a tiny bit of coverage on that. A) It was done to avoid leaving a traceable trail of communications in defiance of a LAW, 2) wouldn't that actually be a security risk? I assume all the White House computers and servers and such are WITHIN the WH on a closed system. I could be wrong on that, but opening mail up to another server, ANY OTHER server, would automatically add risk, correct?