Saturday, April 14, 2007

Two for the price of one!

Yessiree, folks, step right up! Double your pleasure!

First of all, we have Susan Petrarca of Lemont, a regular in the corner, a right-wing harpy with a room temperature IQ. This dim bulb opines:
Regarding Nancy Pelosi, they used to have a word for people who consorted with our enemies during wartime, and it wasn't "diplomat." The kindest word I can think of to describe her attempt to set up a parallel foreign policy is "stupid."
Well, Little Susie, 1) we are not at war (if so with whom?) 2) we CERTAINLY are not at war with Syria, 3) she wasn't CONSORTING, she was part of a CONGRESSIONAL delegation and 4) even during a real war, diplomatic contacts take place.

And then we have constitutional scholar Mitch Johnson of Western Springs. This modern-day Justice Story apparently missed freshman civics, and seems to think that there is a right to life, liberty and a radio show, as he pronounces from the bench:
The 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees us freedom of speech. With all the uproar about Imus and others recently, we should add an asterisk to the Bill of Rights that reads: "As long as it is politically correct."
I would like to thank Mitch for proving that half of America graduated in the bottom half of the class, and to both Susie and Mitch:

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I'm Not Ned said...

The last time I read the First Amendment it started with the words "Congress shall make no law..." not "People shall make no law...". Idiots. According to them my mother, in addition to washing my mouth out with soap, could have me arrested for describing the size of my sisters rear end.

It's official, people are stupid.