Friday, February 16, 2007

Pardon me!

Well, Scooter-palooza is just about over.

I have never been a trial lawyer, and trial strategy is not my strong suit, but this seems fairly obvious. Libby's team meekly put forth two "defenses," the "I'm too busy and I forgot" claim and the "They threw me under the bus to save Turd Blossom" angle.

The problem is, Defense #1 effectively required Scootie to take the stand and #2 needed Darth Vader under oath to make it fly. Why do you think the words "Libby," "Cheney" and "under oath" don't fit together here?

So here's the drill. The jury HAS to convict based on the evidence presented and then, lo and behold, for being the good soldier, here comes a freshly-minted pardon.

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