Monday, February 12, 2007

Good to be home, Part II

Brief reflections on my trip to the nation's capital (for those of you that know me from another particular forum, hat tip to Rambler Boy!):

First of all, I was completely divorced from the news. I didn't touch a computer and saw very little TV. About all I could gather was that I am the only man in America who claims not to have fathered Anna Nicole's baby.

My kid is amazing. She basically curated the show that opened Friday night at the gallery where she's interning. My little girl's all grown up!

I am always moved and awed when I see the White House. This time, though, my thoughts turned to how much we're going to have to pay one of those disaster recovery companies that clean up after fires and floods to remove the neocon stench from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

At the National Archives, I caused a security guard to laugh out loud briefly before returning to palace guard seriousness when I said they should put a "Repealed Effective 9/12/2001" label over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

For all of you DC area dwellers who complain about the Metro, come to Chicago! On Sunday morning, I left the hotel in Silver Spring at 8 AM. Walked to the Metro, took the train, changed lines, and by 9:10 was checked in and past security at National Airport (I will not use that other name.)

Finally, how's this for an appetite killer. I took the daughter out for dinner to a restaurant close to the White House that is a favorite of Congress creatures and the K Street crowd. I excused myself to visit the facilities, and yes, got to stand at the necessary next to former Senator Man on Dog. Just try going back to eat after standing next to Rick and his Santorum.

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I'm not Ned said...

I'm hoping you took the opertunity to glance down at his little Rick and mutter, "Well that explains a lot!"