Friday, February 16, 2007

Goodbye, old friend

Team members disagree with me on this one, but I would like to bid a fond adieu to an old friend:

Oskee-wow-wow, Chief.


Blue said...

As a Muscogee (Creek) Indian, I agree with you. No matter what team members say, such caricatures are demeaning. This is my "voice of moderation". What I really think would require me to personally attack the clueless pricks who enable such bigotry.

I'm not Ned said...

Get a dog.

I'm not Ned said...

Oops ^ That's SIU. ;^)

schmidlap said...

Blue, I think you misread Pete...he's pro-Chief, and it's the team members (like me and drmagoo, possibly others) who are happy to see him gone.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how UofI students/alumn saw any personal connection with chief illiniwek (the symbol, I mean, not the actual frat boy hoppin' around all fancy).

The state of Illinois has no stronger native american history than most other states. What's the connection? You were pummeled in public opinion. From the Sun-Times today: "It started with a single Native American student perched behind a sign asserting that "Indians are people -- not mascots."

Can't you hear the violins?! Don't you see how this plays outside of the corn belt? UofI have made itself an easy target for years. Why the hand over the heart, tear in the eye goodbye?

Now if you would like to see how mascots are properly done, and by that I mean if would like to see a mascot that is a respectful representation and meticulously historically accurate, please visit: