Friday, November 09, 2012

Quotable: Dee Dee Myers, Beltway Creature Par Imbecilence!

"THE PROBLEM IS, HALF THE PEOPLE VOTED AGAINST THE PRESIDENT." ~ Dee Dee Myers, former Clinton press secretary and material girl about Georgetown, getting Chris Matthews all aroused with her sweet nothin' centrisms. First of all, Dee Dee, if "half" the country had voted against the President, this election would be in the House of Representatives.

This election was an electoral college WIPEOUT with 332 votes for Obama versus 204 for Romney. Nor was it a popular vote squeaker, with the President racking up roughly 3 million more votes than Romney. I've seen Republicans claim a "mandate" with far less impressive results. HOW FED UP AM I WITH THE BELTWAY IDIOT PUNDITOCRACY?! Don't ask, you EFFIN' JERKS! Particularly DISGUSTED with the Beltway's FUZZY MATH!

You may get RIGHT WING Chris 'Clintonista' Matthews aroused, Dee Dee, but as for us, progressives, we're reading the Matthews RIGHT WING ELITIST BELTWAY TEA LEAVES AND WE'RE RARIN' FOR A FIGHT! THIS WAS OUR ELECTION; and despite what the Beltway's Baghdad Bob has to say, this was a progressive victory by a LEFT-OF-CENTER country.

One more thing: How friggin' USELESS have you become, David Corn ... HUH?!

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