Wednesday, November 07, 2012


TONIGHT, EARLY WEDNESDAY MORNING, PRESIDENT OBAMA had his passport to greatness stamped by the American people; and we, the people just saved America. Do not, for a moment, EVER believe elections do not matter. Do not, for a moment, EVER fall prey to cynicism, as the President reminded us. Elections matter. And all I could think was utter a silent word of thanks for the collective wisdom of the American voter — for rescuing us from the horrors of a hard right wing Supreme Court bent on social engineering of our lives, with two, maybe three, appointments looming in this President's second term.

No longer. President Obama will appoint non-ideological justices in the mold of a Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer. Chief Justice Roberts' dream of leading a posse of ultra-coservatives to join Scalia and Thomas in striking down decades of precedent — as in the catastrophic Citizens United decision — the linchpin being the repeal of Roe v. Wade is gone with the Windy City wind. Hopefully, Chief Justice Roberts will get the oath of office right this go-round, however distracted he may be by the people cutting his royalist dreams off at the knees. More specifically, the "people" being really, REALLY pissed-off women.

Romney LOSERMAN. — Mitt Romney LOST EVERY STATE HE'S EVER LIVED IN: Michigan, where he was born; Massachusetts, where he votes and was a one-term governor; California, where he owns a beachfront home; New Hampshire, where he summers on the lake ... And Paulie "a star is born" Munster couldn't even deliver his state of Wisconsin for Romney. Talk about MINUS ZERO. OUCH!

Shoutout to The Thinker. — Back on October 26, we were the first out of the box to boldly proclaim: "Cake Is Baked: Powell Endorses, Polling Super Geek Says Romney Stalls, Wingnuts Stroke Out." Calling out the GOP's "despicable 21st century Jim Crow voter suppression measures," we correctly predicted "their game plan is to mobilize the raw meat-eating racist basest of their base" to vote for Romney, while the President "broadens his appeal to the last of the non-political, ignorant but persuadable voters. The only way Republicans win this election is by stealing it. In Ohio and Florida."

Don't tell me they didn't try. Were it not for the vigilance of the Obama volunteers, the under-the-radar shenanigans of both states' partisan secretaries of state would have been much greater, and quite possibly influence the outcome in Romney's favor. For those who say, 50-50 lucky guess, I would add that when polling Super Geek Nate Silver gave the President a 75% chance of victory, it was good enough for us. Nate's modeling predictions are the most accurate in the business; everything else is B.S. and lots of professional envy.

Likewise, we had been calling Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan a fraud and a dud for a very long time, only to see two MSNBC pundit luminaries make a beeline for the Kool-Aid after Ryan's pathetic and unimpressive lyin' convention speech. "A star is born"?! Please. Only Howard Fineman came close to the truth about this Objectivist fraud, last night when he said, in effect, Ryan was a Beltway creation. But we'd been saying that for a long time, too.

Tea Party Waterloo. — How sweet it is ... And thank YOU, Teabaggers! Stay STOOPID and engaged, you pathetic imbeciles. At this rate, you will have destroyed the Republican Party in record time, relegating it to permanent minority status. Double sweet, too, because while you targeted Democrat Alan Grayson in 2010, one of the most liberal members of Congress ... He's BAAAAAACK! Grayson easily won election in a new Florida district. Best of all, though, we got our PAYBACK and REVENGE claiming the scalps of a couple of the most LOATHSOME Teabaggers: Allen West and Joe Walsh. West is the wingnut fruitcake who claimed there were 88 "Democrat communists" in the House. Walsh, a loudmouth Teabagger and deadbeat dad, was defeated by double amputee veteran and great American, Tammy Duckworth.

Progressive BONANZA; Democrats Make FANTASTIC Senate Gains. — Massachusetts: Progressive champion and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren defeated Scott Brown, a ward of Wall Street whose regular guy truck driving image masked a GOP foot soldier who touted himself as the '41' vote to filibuster Obamacare.  Elizabeth took back Ted Kennedy's old seat from that pretender. Missouri: Senator Claire McCaskill holds her Senate seat against Teabagger nutcase Todd Akin, amateur gynecologist, notorious for his "legitimate rape" comment. Akin lost both his Senate bid and his House seat. Thank YOU, Teabaggers! Over at deep red state Indiana, moderate Democrat Joe Donnelly whipped Teabagger Richard Mourdock after Mourdock claimed women must carry a rape fetus to term because God "intended it." Thanks again, Teabaggers!

But wait, there's more: In Connecticut Rep. Chris Murphy, a GREAT liberal Democrat soundly defeated WWF millionare Linda McMahon who spent $100 million of her own money, twice trying to buy a Senate seat with nothing to show for it except the privilege of watching her opponents' victory speeches. In Wisconsin, a great candidate Tammy Baldwin retired Bush-era dinosaur Tommy Thompson. Baldwin will be the first openly gay member to serve in the Senate. The Democrats had many more seats to defend. But when all is said and done, they will have gained two more, upping their total from 53 to 55. YES!

Cry, cry, then whine some more. — Read this and WEEP, Teabaggers/extremist Republicans: President Obama is in a STRONG position to build on his legacy and pass his agenda, which includes (a) getting a jobs bill done; (b) start implementing phase II of Obamacare, specifically, the state exchanges; (c) begin SERIOUS efforts to tackle global warming and curb greenhouse gases; (d) pass comprehensive immigration reform; and (e) responsible debt reduction based on ARITHMETIC, letting the Bush tax cuts expire and raising revenues by taxing the rich.

Forget all the labels and lies. This is a LEFT-OF-CENTER country, folks. That's what WE, THE PEOPLE voted for last night. It was a DECISIVE victory over extremism and DIRTY MONEY thrown at us by Karl Rove's SuperPac and the ratbastard millionaires, among them Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. They had the AUDACITY, the hubris to think it would be easy to buy democracy right out from under our feet. Didn't happen. You have two choices, Republicans: (1) Compromise, cooperate, participate in good solutions-based governance; or, (2) take an even worse SPANKING from the people.


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