Sunday, November 04, 2012

Memo To Lady Alex: Have You Caught The Jansing Bug?!

ALEX, ALEX, ALEX ... INDIANA IS NOT a Democratic "HOLD" seat. Last I checked, the TEABAGGER-early retired, or "primaried," Dick Lugar hasn't been a Democrat since at least 1869! I think you're confusing a moderate Republican's bipartisan cooperation with being a Democrat. Better take a pill and lie down, woman, lest you contract the much more serious BELTWAY "SUCK-UP" disease, for hanging out with Gonzo stenographer, Idiot Punditocracy luminary and world's worst political prognosticator, Mark Halperin. Tomorrow never knows:

Turn off your mind relax and float down stream
It is not dying, it is not dying

Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void,
It is shining, it is shining.

Yet you may see the meaning of within
It is being, it is being

Love is all and love is everyone
It is knowing, it is knowing

And ignorance and hate mourn the dead
It is believing, it is believing

But listen to the colour of your dreams
It is not leaving, it is not leaving

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