Tuesday, September 04, 2012

WHERE'S LADY ALEX? (With Theme Music!)

DURING THE RNC FREAK SHOW, WE CAUGHT tantalizing glimpses of her, but she was circumscribed by the suits — SEE-RIOUS — not her fun self. Though lately a tad more reserved, OK, Alex is still at her best when she mixes it up. Lady Alex is as gorgeous and brilliant as ever, and totally adorable when she gets occasionally tongue-tied on her BIG WORDS ... "Hu-he-MEH — herculean!" ... Or, flattering Andrea Mitchell by signing off as Andrea is teasing her hair (Alex: "Hello! Earth to Andrea!") ... That's what keeps Us Lady Alex fans watching, and here's hoping the DUMBASS MSNBC suits give her a bigger role at the DNC equal to her inimitable talents!

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