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MEMO TO RACHEL: Before I forget, Rachel, here are a few suggested questions for your best buddy Michael Moore:
  • "Have you gone over to the Dark Side, ya millionaire tub of lard?!" ... And,
  •  "Oh, Michael, I don't know about these script edits to our new "Forward" promo you're shooting ... Um, "what's good for millionaires is good for America" ... and, "Hey, don't knock the Caymans, it's a lovely vacation spot for us sheltered peeps" ... and, "So what's a casino in Macau, when the PRC is investing millions in supporting our political system and buying our public assets; like, they're funding my new film: "Sheldon and ME, A Love Story" ... and, "your vote is a sacred trust guaranteed by Diebold/PRC and our new NBC partnership ..." Uh, Michael, don't you think this might DISSUADE people from voting?!"
Chris Matthews' massive blind spot continued with slimy Repug propagandist Mark Halperin answering Chris's question about Joe Biden in the Veep debate that he might be leading the argument on Medicare: "I don't know about that; Paul Ryan's a pretty smart guy." Here's a Newsflash for you, Chris: NO HE'S NOT! THAT IS A TOTALLY MANUFACTURED BELTWAY MYTH PUSHED BY SLIMY SNAKES LIKE HALPERIN TO BOLSTER THE REPUG BELTWAY MYTHOLOGY. PAUL RYAN IS A FUCKING POLITICAL HACK WITH A NONEXISTENT LEGISLATIVE RECORD, THE FRONT MAN FOR THE KOCH BROTHERS' AGENDA.

Secondly, the fact that NOTHING Halperin has to say is of any interest to the viewers, since he's wrong about everything, is only topped by his arrogant dismissal of Vice President Biden, a leader whose resumé cosmically DWARFS anything Ryan has ever done in life, except perhaps run a marathon as a youth that he barely finished, then LIED about.

Not only that, but Halperin has once again floated the FALSE EQUIVALENCY MYTH, saying both parties are equally guilty of distortions. THEY KEEP REPEATING IT, as standard practice, because people like Chris and Halperin's hypnotized subject, Lady Alex, are easy marks.

One of the best roundtable moments: Chris and Big Eddie almost coming to blows (prevented by Chris's remote location) over education policy. Chris would be well advised to wipe that Cheshire cat grin off his face if he were sitting within swinging range of Big Eddie.

How come no one spoke out against these RACIST RATBASTARD REPUBLICANS, on the ugly incident involving a CNN camera woman. Not so strangely, Marbles Mouth's cable network has followed the corporate party line pretense that the GOP isn't a predominantly RACIST party. In fact, their silence is DEAFENING:
The facts are scarce. On Tuesday, August 28, Patricia Carroll, a camera-operator for CNN, was on the Convention floor. She noticed debris falling around her. Carroll looked up and saw the two White males tossing peanuts toward her. Peanuts, a GOP snack follows their symbolic Republican elephant. "What are you doing? Carroll said. “Are you out of your damned mind?” The men responded, "Here's some more peanuts."
They then approached the guardrail and hovering above her in the stands said, “this is what we feed animals at the zoo" and began hitting her with peanuts. The men were described as adult - “older-than-middle-aged white men." In Carroll’s interview with friend and reporter Jamila Bey, the incident was viewed as surreal but not out of the realm for Florida. Carroll said, “While his partner laughed, the thrower leaned over the railing as if he WAS at the zoo and snorted, 'Here’s some more peanuts.'"
The WIMP-BOT's speech was not only offensive, but included unintended irony re: who really doesn't understand America, with obligatory RACIST code language for the PIGS (see above) in the PEANUT gallery. The paean to our Moon Landing, was all well and good, "... when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American" ... except, the WIMP-BOT neglected to mention it was the AMERICAN TAXPAYER who BUILT THAT government project, which is exactly what President Obama has been saying all along about the shared American success story.

Then came the most despicable "dog whistle" reference, that you "need an American" to do "the really big stuff." In case anyone missed the odious RACISM insinuating President Obama's presumed "otherness" and "foreignness," the WIMP-BOT hit the road, yelping leading racist platitudes such as, "let's take our country back!" (from WHOM, I ask again?!)... and, "I love PEACE!" (after signing on to a perpetual state of war, opening a third-, fourth-, fifth-front, ad infinitum "1984"-style) ... and "I love America!" (insinuating again, that the President doesn't).

I've never seen a candidate quite as creepy and odious as this WIMP-BOT, with his wimpy walk and scary Goldwater bellicosity. During the 1964 campaign, one of the Goldwater buttons proclaimed, "In Your Heart, You Know He's Right." The Democrats' rejoinder was, "In Your Gut, You Know He's Nuts." Same thing here, but much, much worse. Barry Goldwater was a man of integrity. He said scary stuff, but he didn't lie, and you knew where he stood. This WIMP-BOT says scary stuff, but it means nothing to him except as a means to get elected. He's reciting lines written for him by the same scary neocon chickenhawks who took us to war in Iraq on false pretenses, and now stand back in the shadows writing this candidate's script, poised to do the same thing in Iran and Syria with their WEIRD; CREEPY mannequin, Romney the WIMP-BOT.

Then he basically did a lot of trash talking about President Obama. Funny, how the WIMP-BOT manipulated history. He claimed, falsely, that "every president since the Great Depression who came before the American people asking for a second term could look back at the last four years and say with satisfaction: 'you are better off today than you were four years ago.'" Oh really. Well, considering that four years ago, when President Obama walked into the Oval Office, our economy was in freefall, hemorrhaging more than 700,000 jobs monthly, the banks and the auto industry had collapsed, the stock market was below 7,000, and we were teetering on the edge of a global depression — that pretty much FOREVER tagged the Bush presidency as a CATASTROPHIC FAILURE.

All President Obama did was bring us back from the edge of collapse, save the banking system (an unpopular but necessary measure), rescue our auto manufacturing base, pass the largest stimulus bill in history to help states keep teachers, police officers and firefighters on the job, fund badly-needed job-creating infrastructure projects, and preside over uninterrupted private sector job growth, from February of 2010 onward, during which time "the economy added 4.3 million jobs, a 4 percent increase."

Not only is Romney a supremely DISHONEST RAT, AND HE KNOWS IT, but his specious claim collapses of its own weight when taken in proper historical context: that the Great Depression happened in Republican President Hoover's watch, a successful businessman whose presidency was a CATASTROPHE. (Unlike, I might add, the iconic Democratic President, Harry Truman, who was a failed haberdasher.) Further, no mention was made, naturally (this wasn't history; it was propaganda), that Republican President Richard Nixon shredded the Constitution and became the only president in history to resign in disgrace. Or that his unelected successor, Jerry Ford's answer to inflation was to distribute "WIN" (Whip Inflation Now") buttons. And who can forget Ronnie Reagan, who barely escaped becoming embroiled in the Iran-Contra scandal by truthfully claiming forgetfulness, as his aides dropped like flies around him, or fell on their swords like good little nazis.

Speaking of Ronnie, one of the most amusing moments of MSNBC's coverage was Steve Schmidt saying, "you all aren't going to like this, but Ronald Reagan will go down in history as one of the two greatest presidents of the 20th century, along with FDR." Yeah, right. Cue the shock muzak! First of all, Stevie-boy, who appointed YOU a historian, like, you know, guys who graduate from top universities to write and teach history? Time for a reality check, Mr. GOP political operative. This may come as a shock to you, pal, but your colleague Chris Matthews probably made a better case for JFK joining FDR's company as one of two greatest presidents of the 20th century with his book about John Kennedy's role during the Cuban Missile Crisis. All Kennedy did was SAVE THE WORLD from nuclear annihilation!

I would add to that list Teddy Roosevelt, who was the last great LINCOLN REPUBLICAN, and who is the father of progressivism, a political movement too magnificent for a Grade-B movie actor to understand. Bottom line, Stevie, Ronald Reagan presided over, and participated in, the decline of America. Find an unbiased history book, and check your facts, pal. It's all there; the destruction of the Middle Class and our manufacturing base; the attack on our unions, paralleling the precipitous decline in our standard of living (except for the top 5%). The coming of Reagan gave birth to a new 1900s Gilded Age in America, the disastrous effects of which are just now coming to a head after 30 plundering years of Reaganomics.

You've gotta get out more, Stevie-boy.

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