Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Quotable, Martin Bashir: Poor S.E., She Can't Catch A Break

"Sarah Elizabeth describing Republicans as desperate for approval." ~ To S.E. Cupp, chafing at belonging to a party of LIARS, RACISTS and THUGS.

Aww, Sarah Elizabeth took umbrage at being called a "traitor" by the PEANUT GALLERY (that's respect, S.E., stop whining, how would YOU feel if they started pelting you with peanuts and calling you a zoo animal, hmm?...), then walked right into Martin's rapier wit, as liberal girlfriend Crystal Ball patted her hand, "there, there, you ARE somebody, that's why you're here with us," and Touré the cynic hung back with a bemused expression that said, "CHICKS, man ..."

To S.E.'s credit, her SIN was to criticize Clint Eastwood's "mystery" appearance BEFORE he deep-sixed her party's message. Which begs the question: Why do YOU "care" about such a thuggish, racist, lying, and STUPID party, Sarah?!

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