Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MSNBC Ladies Beware: The 'New' Michael Steele Is On The Prowl

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE PICS BELOW? (TRICK QUESTION.) Aside from the mustache-less Michael Steele, which makes him look less like a Jamaican 'businessman' and more like a REPUBLICAN [Fill in The Blank], with the "infamous" Steele TOUCH.

Michael, this isn't the first time you get touchy-feely with Lady Alex on national TV. It looks creepy, pal. Don't you know to respect boundaries? Oh, I forgot, you're a REPUBLICAN. "Youse guys" (to quote Steele) don't have the best REP around women. Memo To Lady Alex: If you must have the windbag on your show, suggest you place someone who looks suitably unhinged like, say, THE SINISTER GLENN THRUSH, between yourself and the GROPEMEISTER. I'm just sayin'.
Caption Contest: 'Grope-A-Dope' ... 'M-Paw' ... "Sorry, I was reaching for the mug and missed; guess I need new specs."

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