Monday, June 25, 2012

Lady Alex Real-Life Funnies: Journey To The Belly of The Beast

IN WHICH OUR INTREPID HEROINE sets off on another excellent adventure to her Washington, D.C. hometown. But much has changed since the Bush years ... And Lady Alex narrowly escaped a BELTWAY MIND MELT of the kind which has afflicted some of her colleagues, turning them into BELTWAY PODBOTS. Thanks largely to the deft sparring intervention of 'GUARDIANS' Richard Wolf, Jonathan Chait, Sam Stein, and Rolling Stone's Eric Bates (that Lady Alex, fighting off wingnut demons, had called Eric Holder), NOW's irreversible slide to right wing contamination was stopped before Alex and crew fell into the dark abyss populated by ... the usual suspects.

To make matters worse, Chris Matthews was abruptly called away on a mysterious mission to Mt. Rushmore, and could not help Lady Alex negotiate the right wing D.C. elites minefield.

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