Saturday, June 30, 2012

Did Lady Alex Set Mark Halperin UP (WITH CHRIS HAYES)?!

THE REPULSIVE MARK HALPERIN, has been variously described in this blog as a pig, a worm, a plant, a vampire, a sacred cow, and lastly because his mischaracterized "swagger" is so incongruous and idiotic, as Romney's poodle, which seems somehow the most fitting appelation. It's not really Animal Farm. It's more like a ZOO, the Beltway ZOO, of which he is a principal changeling denizen.

Halperin specializes in rolling self-described "naïve" progressives like Lady Alex, and even seasoned politicos like Chris Matthews with what is to me so obvious and transparent Romney propaganda as to seem incredible they couldn't pick up the signals. They're getting better at it, but it's a drip-drip series of dim bulb moments. Maybe it's the Beltway culture permeating the D.C.-NY corridor, which tends to dull honest journalistic senses and distort (or be blissfully unconscious of) harsh outside-the-Beltway realities. After all, Romney plant Halperin is MSNBC's vaunted "senior" political "analyst," a meaningless designation conferred even on Michael "laying-of-hands" Steele who will always be a Republican political HACK, with unusual ... um, apolitical talents.

As an example of the Beltway Media's standards and practices, or should I say, (double) standards and practices, take Halperin's slap-on-the-wrist by MSNBC versus the network's adjunct Beltway publication, POLITICO's dismissal of its White House reporter, Joe Williams — with the control in this little human petri dish experiment the wingnut rag Daily Caller's Halperin-like hero, Neil Munro, whose unprecedented disrespect of President Obama earned him instant celebrity in Rightwingville.

First, here's Romney's poodle, in the friendly Republican confines of Moron Joe, where the fake "progressive" channel lays claim to the "smartest" morning gab among arrogant, entitled libertarians and Romney embeds:

By contrast, POLITICO's white editor-in-chief fired one of its few black correspondents, Joe Williams, for speaking the truth about Mitt Romney being "uncomfortable" around black folks; and for certain tasteless tweets that hardly rose to the level of calling the President of the United States a "dick." The Daily Caller got their scalp. That's their MO. They are the only so-called "media" group in the business of electronic spying on the private e-mails and the twitter feeds of journalists like Williams, or teenage murder victims like Trayvon Martin. Perhaps, it's time some "Anonymous" group or t'other went on a little fishing expedition of their own in Rightwingville. I'm just saying.

Funny thing, the cowards who fired Williams are all white boys. How very Beltway. And of course, the white Daily Caller editor who said on national TV that Michael Vick, the black quarterback convicted of cruelty to animals for running a dog fighting ring, should "be executed," got his black scalp. Naturally, he said his white boy Neil Munro, who disrespected President Obama in the White House Rose Garden, deserved "a raise."

But we digress. The thing is, once decoded, there is literally nothing to the deceitful dog with the twisted grin behind the curtain. Yet he carries the potential to spread lies and sophistic "analysis" to an awful lot of viewers. This time, however, Mark Halperin wasn't given free rein to spread his Romney propaganda. He tried, but FAILed. It's useful in a way to trot Halperin out, assuming his colleagues have been given fair warning, because there's always something to learn from his bullshit.

Here's my Halperin takeaway of the day: The Romney plant speaks in sound bites. Most "journalists" like to get more analytical, but this dude makes false, eminently arguable statements in authoritative declarative fashion, as if they're unassailable. For the viewer, the dude comes across as some sort of oracle whose declarations are not to be disputed. Indeed?! Unfortunately for the Mitt surrogate, his opening propaganda was greeted with skeptical disdain by the two liberal sharpies Ezra Klein and Chris Hayes flanking Lady Alex. Oops. Watch the Chris Hayes-Ezra Klein takedown of Romney's poodle. (Once he feels obligated to "explain ... things I said" he's pretty much toast, or fritura as we say south of the Rio Grande.):


In his parting shot, Romney's poodle turns up the heat on his access-rewarding Romney propaganda: "Will other Democrats, besides Nancy Pelosi, want to be out there defending the Act, talking about it as an historic and great achievement that's not appreciated enough by the American people, and finally, will the President put his hundreds of millions of dollars out there to defend the Act ..." Don't you just love it how this RAT (yep, one more changeling animal) invokes the name of the Republicans' and, according to polls of independents, the #1 BOOGIEWOMAN of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi?! Dear Lady Alex, do you really think this bottom-feeder (yep, a microbial organism) mentioned Nancy Pelosi — TO THE EXCLUSION OF THE DOZENS OF PROMINENT DEMOCRATS WHO HAVE COME FORTH TO SING THE PRAISES OF THE ACA, INCLUDING THE FORMER PA GOVERNOR SEATED TO YOUR RIGHT — by ACCIDENT?!

Judging by your dismissive reply with a touch of sarcasm — "I think the answer to many of those questions is YES; but we'll find out" — I think not. Indeed.

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