Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Is An Affront

HERE IS MARTIN BASHIR'S COMMENTARY on Mitt Romney "as one of the most cynical politicians of the modern era," followed by a fine, understated Lawrence exposé of Romney's despicable audacity, his sheer lack of humility and respect for the history of our civil rights struggle, that he would presume to use it as a cudgel to score cheap political points among the uninformed, the misinformed, and the bigots. They are the supporters he "welcomes" but whose hateful, ignorant utterances have yet to be denounced by this straw man with rot for character, evidenced by the ugly upper right lip curl which he cannot control, and the eyes that don't laugh.

Mitt Romney is an affront to those of us who care about our history. He should be an affront to anyone in this country with a decent heart and a working brain. That he is tied in the polls with President Obama is a testament to the dark side of this nation's character; the same darkness which tolerated slavery and racism for hundreds of years, and which stands poised to return disgraced Gov. Scott Walker to office in Wisconsin on the strength of billionaires' filthy money. I do not understand it. But it is the same dark human impulse, driven by fear, which enabled the rise of fascism in Europe and which is "exceptional" for all the wrong reasons:


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