Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back To Class For Lady Alex: Careful Not to Lose Your Political Compass

MEMO TO ALEX WAGS: WHEN TEXAS SEN. KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON corrects you, it's time to reset your casual political assumptions. In your little MTP-like exchange with the Senator, none of her ridiculous cookie-cutter conservative bromides were challenged regarding the rightward lurch, i.e. extremism of her party, its base, the Tea Party (lavishly praised by the Senator), and its responsibility for our current political climate.

But by prefacing your remarks with the standard Beltway Media political fantasy of shifting the CENTER of political gravity to the RIGHT and calling it "MODERATE" you effectively censored yourself. That list of your "moderate friends of the show" includes at least two CONSERVATIVES — Hutchison herself and Richard Lugar. (Think of it this way, Alex: There's CRAZY/FASCIST/TEA PARTY "conservative," aka RIGHT WING, and there's dwindling run-of-the-mill COUNTRY CLUB "conservative," aka CONSERVATIVE — not, repeat, NOT "MODERATE."

Interestingly, Senator Hutchison herself REJECTED the "MODERATE" label, wouldn't even mention it, and referred to herself, properly, as a "CONSERVATIVE." What does that tell you, Alex, about the ideological RIGHT WING ascendancy of the Republican Party, when even former RNC Chairman Michael Steele sings the Tea Party praises?! Take heed, Lady Alex. Unless you rage against the machine of which you're a part, you'll run the risk of becoming just another Stepford Politico pundit cog. And then you'll be lost.

As for your exogenous Beltway Media friend John Heilemann, tell him to lose the weird mannerism of adjusting his tie. I suspect it's got something to do with his pact(s) with the Devil. And his long-winded nickname is cute but unwarranted. Most of America already knew what a disastrous Veep choice Mama Grizzly was, without having read that piece-of-shit-which-shall-remain-nameless or watching the HBO movie.

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