Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fatal Attraction: Mitt's Mephisto Waltz With Donald Trump

ARE THERE ANY DEPTHS TO WHICH MITT ROMNEY WON'T SINK? The answer is NO, even if the temps might only be tolerable with the special *magic underwear* shield. For anyone who didn't follow Trump on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, George Will referred to him as a "bloviating ignoramus" while our favorite conservative, David Frum, tweeted this:

Nice turn of phrase from David (and good thing I'm not having pasta for dinner): "That was a big steaming plate of shit spaghetti Trump just deposited on CNN for his supposed friend Romney." Eww! Agree with David that Trump is still smarting over his utter humiliation by President Obama at the 2011 Washington Correspondents' Dinner. President Obama's roasting of Trump will endure; Trump's clownishness will not. And the Donald cannot.stand.it!

The hilarious Chris Matthews weighed in with this exchange with the Huff Post's Howard Fineman:
FINEMAN: "I don't think Mitt Romney could get rid of Donald Trump if he wanted to, because there'd be  risks in doing that, in that you don't know how Donald Trump will respond when cornered ... and of course Romney's not the kind of guy to take that risk ... If Romney were, by some stretch of the imagination, to say to Donald Trump — "I don't want anything to do with you anymore!" — imagine what Donald Trump would do next ... It could be very very interesting. And Romney doesn't know what that is ..."

MATTHEWS: "I know, there could be a DEAD RABBIT on the lawn ... that might be: "I will not be ignored!" — I think we saw that when Michael Douglas tried that once in Fatal Attraction." [Um ... it was Glen Close, Chris, but close enough. Their disheveled hair has similarities, and one could easily imagine Donald Trump as a raging, psychotic, clingy FEMME. No REAL man has hair like that.]
Will Mitt Romney's HOOK-UP with Donald Trump hurt him? YOU BETCHA. Being the Donald's BITCH — however high-priced the magic Mittens — is not the place to be ... politically.

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