Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quotable: Martin Bashir On The Lizard King's SEX LIFE

"We know you're very accomplished in that area ..."

At least there's that, or we might start thinking Dylan uses his show as a platform to get laid ...

His rabid rants proclaim the "false equivalence" Democratic Rep. John Larson, a portrait of civility, properly termed them; Dylan called him a liar; projecting his own LIE by falsely claiming to be neither liberal nor conservative, when only a few weeks ago he described himself as a "conservative" and not for the first time. So, he's a liar and a hypocrite.

Self-evident is Dylan's ill-concealed loathing of President Obama, calling the President, sarcastically, a "master of rhetoric ..."

Meanwhile, the supposed liberals and progressives sitting in only just emerge from their slumber to push back, warily, knowing what a mercurial jerk this guy is; "sarcasm noted," said Karen Finney, who could tear this dude from limb to limb if she so wished; instead, they humor him.

And Imogen gets all karate-choppy quoting Margaret Thatcher. Just what we need, Brit wingnuttery.

Best comment on Dylan in a bogus Hill story suggesting he'd turned a new leaf:
"He's a pompous ass, zen or not. His 'new persona' as populist savior; trashing and gutting all and sundry as he swoops in to rescue the day attests to the large cranium and his inflated self-image. He is still an angry and disrespectful bore who, while denigrating the President hasn't the guts to call conservatives on their lies when they speak to him live."
Not only live, although his rudeness to Democrats, notably to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Larson, is one of the few consistencies about the guy. It's amazing, the classy restraint shown by Rep. Larson, who spoke the simple truth, that Democrats are better, much better than Republicans for the 99% of us. Anyone can debunk Ratigan's sophistry and lies, point-by-point, but what's the point, he's not about the truth. In contrast, the classless Obama-loathing in its utter sophistry, is the Lizard King's coin of the realm and running narrative.

Larson's classy restraint was even more amazing considering no one has called for Ratigan to apologize. Well, I think he should. But it wouldn't be in character.

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