Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quotable: Spin, Romney, Spin Spin Spin!

“We like the way the race looks going forward,” Stuart Stevens, a top strategist to Mr. Romney, said Saturday evening. “A lot of politics is about patience and picking your opponent.”

Right. It's Romney math: Mittens blasted into South Carolina 2-for-2 and limped out 1-for-3. 

PS — The Chris Matthews show; how embarrassing. It was obviously recorded before Newt crushed Mittens in South Carolina. Typical Beltway Media myopia with the usual Establishment suspects — Andrea Mitchell, Kathleen Parker, Major Garrett, and a journalist from the Boston Globe to give us the "psycho babble" on Mittens, the South Carolina victor. Oops.

Oh, so yesterday. Or as Newt might say, another example of the "media elites" FAIL in not covering the REAL story — HIM.

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