Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apple of Mitch Daniels’ Eye

Just like everyone else in the known universe — including socialist ascetic Lawrence O’Donnell interrupted by a planted on-camera call to boast he was still trying to figure out how to turn off “my new iPhone” — I use Apple products. But when I saw Scott ‘41’ Brown hawk an iPad at a Senate hearing, Chuckles Toddy balance one on his hand like a Georgetown waiter, and Beltway Media pals Jonathan 'GQ' Capehart et al line up their iPads like iconic status symbols on ‘Now’ with Alex Wagner, there was an uneasy sense Apple had crossed the unhip Rubicon into the Dark Side. Now, if we can only capture Gramps McCain using one, the Apple mystique will be permanently shattered. In the meantime, this dark story of outsourcing and globalization will have to do. Here’s why Apple arouses the Republican Erogenous Zone.

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