Monday, January 02, 2012

Primer For Clueless MSNBCers To Rebut GOP Lies About Keystone Pipeline Jobs Claims

Especially for Grover Norquist cheerleaders like Richard Lui. From today's New York Times editorial urging President Obama to "push back hard" on Republican lies, accusations that he would be depriving the nation of jobs by rejecting approval of the Keystone pipeline:
"The payroll tax cut bill, which Mr. Obama signed last month, gave him 60 days to decide on the Keystone XL pipeline. That is not enough time to complete the required environmental review of a project that, in its present design, crosses ecologically sensitive territory and risks polluting an aquifer critical to Midwestern water supplies.

The Republicans’ claim that the pipeline will create tens of thousands of new jobs — 20,000 according to House Speaker John Boehner and 100,000 according to Jon Huntsman — are wildly inflated. A more accurate forecast from the federal government, one with which TransCanada, the pipeline company, agrees, says the project would create 6,000 to 6,500 temporary construction jobs at best, for two years."
Hmm. Let's see now: 6,500 temporary construction jobs for two years versus the utter devastation of our fragile ecosystem, north to south, and the despoiling of our endangered fresh water aquifers, forever. Close call. Incidentally, Richard Lui and MSNBC, you must really be proud of yourselves.

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