Monday, January 02, 2012

EE-VIL MOGUL WATCH: Rupie Joins Twitter!

THIS IS RICH! Rupert Murdoch has joined Twitter. And the foreign-born Birther pusher has already proved to be highly informative and entertaining; much more so than his propaganda empire — they dare not cross the old man — and his robotic cast of crazies and air-head blondes. So far, Rupie has:
  • Enthusiastically boosted New York mayor Mike Bloomberg — "Great to see Mike Bloomberg getting some rewards for being New York's best mayor in memory!" — though it's unclear what those "rewards" are; this certainly paves the way for FOX support of a Bloomberg third-party run for president.
  • Had kind words for Rick Santorum — "Good to see santorum surging in Iowa. Regardless of policies, all debates showed principles, consistency and humility like no other."
  • And plug for WSJ Op-Ed on Ron Paul — "Great oped inWSJ today on Ron Paul. Huge appeal of libertarian message." Um, Rupert ... not so huge, 38 percent; is this FOX appeal to "racist rednecks" explained, as libertarians' boardroom strategy?
  • But thundering silence on Mitt Romney. Does this signal Rupie's distaste for current Republican front-runner Mitten's "inevitability" and desire to see a prolonged nomination fight?
  • Possibly doomed Hollywood Democratic activist George Clooney's Oscar chances with this — "Saw Fox film Descendants. Thank God, one to be proud of. Star Geo Clooney deserves Oscar, maybe film too."
Equally fascinating is the short list — Rupie's annointed FOUR tweeters he has chosen to follow:
  • Jack Dorsey, Executive Chairman of Twitter, CEO of Square, a founder of both; when Rupie joins your team, he intends to keep tabs on the head honcho, subtle intimidation. (See Lord Sugar daddy, below.)
  • Lord Sugar, Chairman of Amshold Group which is owner of Viglen, Amscreen and Amsprop, old Rupie pal: "I wonder is my old pal @rupertmurdoch is eying up Twitter to buy or invest in it. He missed out on Facebook and My Space... not a great deal."
  •  Google founder Larry Page; intimations of future business deals and/or clashes? And
  • Mark Pincus, Zynga founder and CEO, a man after Rupie's own heart! An unnamed former employee in "a brutal profile at SF Weekly" said "Zynga is one of the most evil places I've run into" where Pincus told his idealistic employees at a meeting: 'I don't fucking want innovation. You're not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers.'"
Rupie has the last word: "Maybe (stop?) soon, but I'm getting killed for fooling around here and friends frightened what I may really say!" Keep tweeting, Rupie!

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