Friday, January 06, 2012

JONATHAN CAPEHART, Accidental Beltway Media Savant

On Alex Wagner's NOW show, after she'd done interviewing the clown who won't go away, Herman Cain and his new Traveling Circus act. Jonathan Capehart, a man after my own heart, commented on Cain's cageyness regarding Cain's "adjective, unconventional" upcoming endorsement of a presidential candidate: "I wouldn't be surprised if Cain endorsed HIMSELF and jumped back in the race."

Jonathan, my thoughts exactly, given the man's boundless ego. It's too bad Alex didn't pick up on this vibe and ask Cain the question on Jonathan's mind and mine, point black. Alex, you should listen more to what your interviewees are saying, and be ready to improvise. And why throw nothing but softballs at this charlatan and snake oil salesman, who revived his thoroughly debunked 9-9-9 scheme without even a 'wait a minute' from Alex.

Memo To Alex Wagner: Letting the wingnuts play you in exchange for access is too steep a concession. Careful not to develop bad habits or allow the corporate culture to corrupt you. Just saying.

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