Monday, August 08, 2011

TEA PARTY Remedial Ed: Stop Whining About Your CRAZY QUEEN OF RAGE

Magazines are shallow. THEY LOVE TO DO CRAZY. You think this is the first time they've ever had FUN surrounding REAL OR IMAGINED CRAZY POLITICIANS? Get a load of this 1972 TIME Magazine cover of Missouri Senator Thomas Eagleton who wasn't properly vetted to be George McGovern's Veep nominee, omitting the small detail he had undergone electroshock therapy for "exhaustion" and "depression."

No biggie, right? Turns out the TIME editors decided to project Eagleton as a wide-eyed lunatic (?) in this ultra-closeup IN-YOUR-FACE cover shot. Despite McGovern further undermining his credibility by saying he was "1,000 percent" behind Eagleton, this TIME cover was widely credited with pretty much dooming Eagleton's prospects, forcing him to withdraw from the ticket. After the balloons had come down. OOPs ...

BOTTOM LINE: If the QUEEN OF CRAZY and gay hubby Marcus can't stand the HEAT — GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN. (Maybe not Marcus; he looks to enjoy cooking and wearing aprons) ... And TEABAGGERS: Embrace the CRAZY. It's SO YOU! It's an accurate Michele cover, too:

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