Tuesday, August 09, 2011


OH MY ... Here's a friendly reminder for those of a supernatural bent: This DEVIL of a manufactured POLITICAL-turned-ECONOMIC crisis, this DEVIL'S BREW, was fueled by TEA PARTY extremists who torched the routine debt ceiling raise amid a fragile economic recovery and economic troubles abroad, bringing our nation TO THE BRINK OF DEFAULT.  LET US BE CLEAR: THIS IS THE TEA PARTY DOWNGRADE.

It's one thing for an ignorant rabble, well funded by sinister right wing corporate interests like the Koch Brothers, waving racist signs outside Congress and screaming 'SHUT 'ER DOWN', STOP raising the debt ceiling; it's quite another thing to send an extremist, uncontrollable minority to Congress that KNOWS NOTHING of governing and economic policy, whose SOLE MISSION IS TO BLOW UP GOVERNMENT, proudly taking ownership of the downgrade because, they claim INSANELY, it will be 'CLEANSING' to our economy to the tune of a 600-plus and counting market crash that imperils EVERY AMERICAN'S WEALTH AND RETIREMENT SECURITY.

TEA PARTY political nihilism could lead to similar civil unrest this side of the pond as we're witnessing in Britain and Greece with top-down austerity measures imposed on the people. From the New York Times report: "For a society already under severe economic strain, the rioting raised new questions about the political sustainability of the Cameron government’s spending cuts, particularly the deep cutbacks in social programs. These have hit the country’s poor especially hard, including large numbers of the minority youths who have been at the forefront of the unrest."

And while the Beltway Media have ENABLED and ROMANTICIZED this TEA PARTY RABBLE OF IMBECILES, rather than taking a long hard look at who's been pulling the strings and exposing the EXTREME RIGHT WING IDEOLOGY behind the STUPID DRESS-UP FALSE HISTORY FOUNDING FATHER BROMIDES ... As the Idiot Punditocracy takes its eye off the ball, REAL PEOPLE POPULISM is coming to a head in Wisconsin today with the recall election of six Republican state senators. IF not for Big Eddie and Rachel and John Nichols of  THE NATION, this story would go largely unreported. Why have the Idiot Punditocracy ignored ALEC and the RADICAL Republican agenda for the states?

Speak of the DEVIL, get with the program, Chris Matthews. You consistently misrepresent the Republican elephant logo in your program's visuals. Yours is not to question "WHY?" the inverted GOP SATANIC STAR; but to report and visually present it accurately. Like Rachel, por ejemplo:

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