Thursday, June 02, 2011

Progressives Target NH Republican With Medicare Ad

This is what the GOP/Tea Party MONSTERS who voted to KILL Medicare have to look forward to from now till election day. Progressives started running this powerful ad in New Hampshire against Rep. Charlie Bass for his KILL-Medicare vote. You can run for the hills, you ratbastards, but you can't hide; we're coming for you and we will flip the House back to Democratic control.
TPM obtained results from a Public Policy Polling (D) survey conducted for PCCC/DFA this week. The poll of 534 likely voters in Bass' 2nd Congressional District shows voters there are not happy with Bass' support for the Ryan plan.

Just 25% say they approve of Bass' vote for the Ryan budget, as the progressive groups described it ("end the federal Medicare program as it exists today, and turn it into a voucher system where seniors are forced to buy private insurance.") An overwhelming majority, 64%, said they disapproved. The poll has a margin of error of 4.2%.

National polls have shown similarly broad disapproval of the Ryan plan with more neutral wording.

The PPP numbers suggest Bass is vulnerable to the same kind of ads that helped seal the win for Democrats in the New York special. The progressive groups aren't waiting around -- they're taking on Bass now, more than a year before the next election. The TV ad began on Thursday with a $25,000 run that will see it aired on broadcast and cable throughout New Hampshire.

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