Monday, May 30, 2011


Beware fellow Americans. In case you haven't noticed, the CRAZIES have taken over the asylum. (Of course you have, once Paul 'Eddie Munster' Ryan terrorized the nation with his 'plan' to KILL MEDICARE.) After weeks of constituent pummeling over Ryan's "radical right wing social engineering" followed by the stunning Democratic victory in New York District 26 — since the 1800s an ironclad Republican stronghold — the GOP Beltway MUNSTERS still don't get it. Actually they do, but the Beltway MUNSTERS are pushing the line this is all a "messaging" issue ... So Paulie Munster gets out there with a Powerpoint presentation akin to the ones given by political hack and chief GOP propagandist, Michael Steele. His multimedia BULLSHIT must have impressed Marbles Mouth corporate, who hired him as an MSNBC "political analyst," hence ruining the network's tenuous grasp of progressive programming in its inexorable progression toward CNN-ization. MSNBC now has its Alex Castellanos.

Speaking of NBC and Idiot Punditocracy GOP tool David Gregory, did anyone notice that in Mitch McConnell's Sunday shows appearance (was it with Gregory, as usual for GOP leadership? ... I couldn't tell) he used the Obama campaign slogan "change" rather than END or KILL Medicare, which should have been Gregory's and the rest of his Idiot Punditocracy Beltway Media comrades' responsibility to correctly characterize what the Ryan plan to KILL MEDICARE would do? I alluded to it in this blog — how Gregory literally put talking points in Newt's mouth, including the highly misleading euphemism for KILL, "change"— but they couldn't have picked up on it here, since no one in those circles of HELL reads this blog (do they?) ... Still, it's aggravating to see the Gregorys of this world handing some McConnell Frank Luntzite factotum their Sunday talking point on Medicare: "Oh ... the Republicans are only going to change it." That's like saying the climate change tornado that tore through Joplin, MO claiming dozens, maybe hundreds, of lives ... "changed" the town's landscape. Just in time for the boss's appearance on Meet The Press. Remember, the Republican plan to KILL MEDICARE will KILL THOUSANDS OF OUR FELLOW CITIZENS. David Gregory is a disgrace to journalism. Such as it is.

McConnell revealed the Republicans' new strategy in their war on the American people, which aims to destroy Medicare and Social Security: They're doubling down. They're not retreating from their Stalingrad, AKA, NY-26. McConnell's high-stakes poker game is to hold us, the American people, hostage to their radical schemes by linking any vote to raise the debt ceiling with deep cuts in Medicare. This requires leadership and spine from Democrats, to stand firm with 80 percent of the American people, and the message-vote from NY-26 that Medicare and Social Security are OFF THE TABLE. Here we go again.

In the meantime, Paul Ryan is thrilled to have gotten the most sought-after endorsement for any Republican — from the Lord of Darkness, Satan's Consigliere himself:

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