Monday, May 30, 2011

What's More Disgusting: Sarah Palin Or The Breathless Media Coverage She Attracts?

Sarah Palin's pathological self-promotion, co-opting the biker event in D.C. for her own narcissistic purposes, is just the latest in this sociopath's attention-craving stunts. The woman is truly repulsive. But what's most disgusting about her America-the-Stupid it's all about me campaign is the cottage industry of politics as celebrity entertainment fake "journalists" spawned by Mama Grizzly to cover her fake ... whatever self-promotion she's into next. Most of these fake "journalists" are fawning young women, breathlessly reporting on the "optics" and "cosmetics" (Media Pundictocracy buzzwords) of Palinworld. Almost to a person they breathlessly repeat the mantra that they "think" she's "running." And none of them have the vaguest notion of, or foundation in, American politics, history, and civics, which was how a cub reporter used to land such assignments back when the press was called the Fourth Estate. (What is it now?)

The Idiot Punditocracy has weighed in on the fake presidential aspirant's campaign and her evil twin from Iowa: "Tension between the camps," they say ... Oooh, this is really REALLY momentous "news." Can it get any shallower than this? Just get out of our face, Sarah, you sick, stupid, sociopathic narcissist. And take your little media acolytes and sycophants with you. Go to Alaska or Afghanistan, why don't you. Siberia, Chernobyl?

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