Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rachel Pulls Her Punches: Why, Oh WHY!?

This segment would've been better, more truthful, were it not for Rachel's inexplicable unwarranted apologia:

"I'll admit this is petty ..." PETTY? I don't get it Rachel. Are you speaking for yourself or for the racist ALL WHITE cabal in your business and network who cannot bring themselves to give our BLACK President his just deserts? They must, as a matter of RACIST "professional" prerogative, piss all over the black guy's parade.
"Who does he think he is?!? WE, the IDIOT PUNDITOCRACY, get to decide when the President gets the "credit" and by how much! He's already hogged TOO MUCH of the oxygen and media spotlight from OUR Sunday bloviations; it's time to knock our uppity President down a peg or two."

Watching the hot air parade of these right wing jackals given an open platform to express their RACISM and LIES is not high on the list of liberals and progressives. We catch the highlights, if there are any to be had, on Huff Post. As for the media rascals and Idiot Punditocracy playing knights of the roundtable — please. I do not care to regurgitate my breakfast.

PETTY? That's the least of their faults. I really reaLLY REALLY hope you weren't speaking for yourself, Rachel. No, it's 4-1, Rachel. Anita Dunn is a mole, if you catch my drift. Why else would your rascally colleagues book her if she were not off-putting in front of the camera: Behold, your liberal elitist!

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