Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cuba Libre Ain't Just Rum And Coke?

Looks like another communist paradise is about to wave the white flag at Das Kapital. The MSM has made much of little brother Raul Castro lifting travel restrictions for Cubans to venture abroad as "tourists" — so long as he can hold a gun to their relatives' heads and discourage defections — overlooking the sweeping reforms by the Cuban strongman that begin to inject a sort of creeping capitalism into its stagnant economy.

The model isn't the U.S. so much as it's post-Maoist China, which is poised to become the world's #1 economy by 2016. What would our Cinco de Mayo birthday boy, Karl Marx, think of all this? He'd probably recognize those idiots in the three-corner hats as the "petty" bourgeoisie that brings the entire capitalist system crashing to its knees by threatening to "primary" Republicans who dare raise the debt ceiling, leaving the old communist nations — Russia, China, Cuba — standing to pick up the pieces. The fifth Marx brother might just get the last laugh after all ... and if he were around to see it go down, he might be celebrating with a Cuban cigar and Jamaican Rum mixed with Mexican Coca-Cola — you know, the good stuff that's still made with real cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Or host a Tea Party with Chinese green tea.

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