Tuesday, May 10, 2011

COMMAND PERFORMANCE: Not So Subliminal Advertising

If you missed the President's riveting interview on 60 Minutes in which he crushed Donald Trump's "YOUGE, IT'S YOUUGE" TV show in the ratings — 60 Minutes # 1, Celebrity Apprentice # 4, "YOUGE, IT'S YOUUGE" — watch it here. Check out the ironic, not so subliminal sponsor:

Lawrence explains ... nicely done:

And Bill Maher brings it home: "Barack Obama is one efficient, steely-nerved, multitasking, Black Ninja, Gangsta President!" Hmm ... Didn't I say something about a President with "nerves of steel" who "multitasks" while making fun of Trump at the White House Correspondents dinner? Happens a lot to our Zeitgeisty little blog; only we always seem to get out in front of the cultural zingers:

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