Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wisconsin Voters SLAM!!!!!!! Gov. Wanker!

You'd never know it getting your news from the MSM. A few days ago the PBS News Hour reached a new low when it attended the sham Teabagger demonstration in D.C. of 200 white bread imbeciles clamoring for a government shutdown, while ignoring the weeks of demonstrations in Wisconsin numbering 100,000+ strong by REAL AMERICANS (as a representative POPULAR movement) in Wisconsin.

The real battle for the hearts and minds of the American people is going on, right here right now in the HEARTLAND of America. The people are FIGHTING BACK against the overreach of the fascist — yes, FASCIST — Republicans and their radical agenda to kill democracy in this nation. First, the race for Walker's old job of Milwaukee County Executive was CRUSHED by the Democrat, slamming Walker's candidate with 60% of the vote. 

Next, and most remarkable, the State Supreme Court race in which the incumbent, David Prosser, who was closely associated with Gov. Walker was coasting to a ho-hum win — until Walker's assault on working people. Then the race went national and became effectively a proxy fight against Walker and a referendum against his union-busting draconian policies. The challenger, Joanne Kloppenburg, with little name recognition roared back from 30 points down in the polls to a dead heat finish in which there will be a recount, but I predict, when all precincts are in, she will have the lead in total votes. Here's why: With 99% of precincts reporting and a remarkable 1.5 million votes cast, Kloppenburg leads Prosser by 224 votes, BUT ... these are the outstanding districts, from the AP site:

Two counties in Milwaukee. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, to quote Big Eddie. Milwaukee is (a) a Democratic big city stronghold, and (b) was carried by Kloppenburg (less the two districts yet to report) by 128,644 votes to 98,933, which breaks down to 57% for Kloppenburg, 43% for Prosser. With a recount possibly looming, whose candidate's shoes would you rather be on? I predict, with 100% of precincts reporting, Kloppenburg, an unknown and 30 points down a month ago, will have extended her lead over Prosser and will, in an honest recount, have won that state Supreme Court seat, and tipped the scales in favor of the people and against Walker's iron fist fascist rule. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Teabaggers, you're next. We're coming for you. We're going to DESTROY you at the polls and in the court of public opinion. People, just keep doing what you're doing: VOTE. VOTE. VOTE! The recall elections are next in Wisconsin, concurrent with a ballot referendum to defeat Ohio Gov. Kasich's anti-union bill. These are only the first steps. We're on the march, baby. We're coming for these extremist ratbastard Republicans!

Meanwhile, in the fantasy Tea Party/Idiot Punditocracy fairy dust kingdom of Washington, D.C., where  Paul Ryan is hailed by the three percentile [quote-quote] "journalists" as a "visionary," Rep. Anthony Weiner's takedown of the Idiot Punditocracy's adulation of Paul Ryan is sort of like filling the vacuum taken by the privileged faux Beltway Media. Disregard the next segment with Ron Paul, the libertarian's hero, and, of course, disregard Dylan Ratigan, the host. He worships the ground Stephen Colbert walks on, who in turn worships Ron Paul and vice versa. A confederacy of libertarian dunces. But Anthony is worth the price of admission:

The Teabagging imbeciles will get their wish, although they represent NOTHING but the most EXTREME wingnut element of the population — less than 20%. The Beltway Media, which rarely ventures outside its comfort Beltway zone, covered the astro-turf event in numbers, swelling the minuscule gathering attended by wingnut House members Bachmann and Pence, among others, cheering the Teabaggers on with their "close 'er down!" chants.

Republicans are already trying to preempt the message with propaganda. One wingnut called this a "diabolical plan" (doubtless a Frank Luntz 'special' buzzword) hatched by the Democrats after the November elections. Please. Gotta laugh — I WISH! As if the bumbling, endlessly bentover good government Democrats could EVER, IN OUR WILDEST IMAGINATIONS, come up with ANYTHING approximating the DIABOLICAL to hurl at Republicans. I only wish. If it were up to me, I'd say CRUSH AND DESTROY these bastards. That's what you do with people out to destroy the government, the economy, the middle class, and democracy itself. What would you call that? I call it TREASON. But Democrats insist on playing ball with traitors. And our President, I'm sorry to say, is his usual sellout.

The MSM totally neglects the voices of REAL AMERICANS in Wisconsin; rather it continues to give voice to a gathering of a few dozen fools, aka  TEABAGGERS, even interviewing these ignorant clowns in their ridiculous outfits while people out in the REAL WORLD are suffering through this economy and Republican plans to bring the axe down on more of them. They aren't abstractions; people actually DIE because of cuts to vital services such as Medicaid, Family Planning, food for the poor, aid to families with dependent children. It's ultimately about moral choices, what kind of society we are and want to be. And if the President seems upset, well that's too bad, isn't it. Because it's not that he's "loaded for bear" or moved by the suffering of ordinary Americans, except as his long term "North Star" abstractions. The long term 'North Star' cannot take care of people's immediate survival needs.

It's because Republicans aren't being reasonable in the face of President Obama's penchant for caving, that he may be forced to actually take sides. And act more like a Democrat.

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